On Going:

  • Multiservices Site targeted to the Chinese Market.
  • 100% Error Free, Superfast(one day leadtime), Typesetting service using Dynamic System.


  • Chinese Guide for Western Fine Foods (Worldwide, but mainly China)
  • User Review Site with reliable Rating System (Ref. Ebay, Taobao Feedbacks, Pagerank etc.)
  • High End quality B&W Digital photography colorizing (partially using Fourier transform)
  • Italian Real Estate Site for Chinese Market.
  • Property Site for small and medium-sized city of China.
  • Spaghetteria in China (dedicated to The Italian Spaghetti!)


  • Reciprocal Reference System, with Social Exportability.  Standalone, but can also embedeed into many CMS. Can be use for products, places, services but also for people Rating and Evaluating.
  • Open Source Chinese-Italian CAT libraries (Contract, Legal, Engineering, IT and Life Science)
  • Restaurants Home Delivery service by Area.
  • High Effective (Kaizen) Managed Car Repair chain store, with Central Purchase .
  • Production of mechanical components for discontinued models of Cars, Trucks, Boats etc. (3D printing? At least for the most popular/bestselling models).
  • High Quality Catering for Aiports/Airlines.
  • Real  Stock Trading based MMPORG, with real stock operations, with carachters, events according to real Market signals, movements etc.

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